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We would like to start our blog with this post that will let you better understand our approach.
We would like to start our blog with this post that will let you better understand our approach.

What is that little camera in the picture? It's an object we are particularly proud of because it reflects our approach to the job. It is made by hand, entirely by us, and it is made of wood. It is where you will receive the USB drive with your wedding story. Just like the photo album, it is artisanal, you cannot find anything like it anywhere else. This is why it represents us.

What is our photographic style? We listen to you to be able to see and get the details of your story. We do wedding reportage, which does not typically include posed photos. It is a documentary approach where we keep just the right distance to tell your own personal story without interfering with your day, being a discreet presence and only giving you advice for you to be able to fully enjoy every moment of it. We need and want to meet you before your wedding day because building a relationship on mutual trust is of the utmost importance to us.

What information do we need? Everything you can (and want to) tell us! Schedules and locations, a friend's or relative's phone number for emergencies, special plans, or surprises...
Or maybe you would like us to take a photo of your family or your group of friends. We would love to meet any needs you may have, but we have to be informed to be fully prepared.

What about the video? The approach is the same. High quality and attention, and the key is getting to know you a little bit before your wedding.

How many events can you be booked for? Our team is equipped to cover two events on the same day.

One or two photographers? Being more than one allows us to focus on more points of view, and to take pictures of your guests as well... Because everything will be special that day.

Can we choose to book one photographer only? Yes, if there are the right conditions. For example, if the bride and the groom are planning to get ready at the same location.
It is important for us not to have to choose which moments to capture, because, again, everything is important that day and every moment has its role in your wedding story. It is important to inform you that the price does not depend on the presence of a second photographer.

Will we meet you before our wedding? Of course! This will let us be more comfortable around each other. Moreover, it will let us know your taste, your preferences, and your character. We can also provide a pre-wedding photographic session that can sometimes be used for your invitations or thank notes to your guests.

What does the delivery of the photos consist of? There will be at least 600 post-produced color photos that will tell the entire story of your day, plus a selection of black and white photos that will convey a more poetic vision of your wedding. If you choose the video as well, you will receive a short film (about 12 to 15 minutes long) that will cover every moment, plus a wedding trailer (about 3 minutes) where we will emphasize the poetry and romance of the event. The material will be handed over to you in the Wooden Camera.

How much time will pass until the delivery? In 4 to 6 months you will receive all the material, professionally selected and post-produced.

How can I know your prices? You can fill in the form at the Contact page here on the website, or you can reach us by phone or email, and by knowing what kind of effort we will have to make (depending on the location, number of guests, schedules...) we will be able to tell you a fair price for the services you request.

Is the printed wedding album included? No, it isn't. We do not provide "packages" that include the wedding album, for many reasons:
- nowadays the possibilities to customize a wedding album are almost limitless, and we would not want to impose any limits on you and on the choices you will have to make;
- our job ends when we deliver your photos, to let you view all your photos and make a selection of them in your own time. Once you have, we will be totally available to help you realize or print your wedding album;
- we don't like to provide anything that you can find anywhere else online. We like artisanal products, and with Erica Marzucchi's Calluna Cartilegi we designed a handmade wedding album unlike anything else, that you can find in the Print section on this website.

What about privacy? All the pictures and footage of your wedding day will be of your own property. We need to let you know that we care for your privacy.

For every picture and video you will see on the website and on our social media accounts the spouses have given us their written consent.

We would love for you to explore our work through the website and social media before we meet each other, so you'll have a taste of what it is we do and how.

We wish a lifetime of happiness to all the couples that have chosen us, and to those who haven't yet, we wish to meet you and to share with your some of your important moments.

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